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Eugene Oregon Yard Care Services. (541) 915-6111 Let Our Service Team With Over 25 Years of Experience Work For You. Seasonal Restoration and Clean Up's. "Let's Create Your Visions Together".

Service Division / Tender Earth Yard Care. Eugene, OR. Landscape maintenance specialists. Local lawn care company and maintenance service department. Tender Earth Yard Care has a track record of dependability with a first place service division team waiting to serve you. Let the yard care specialists of over 30 years work for you. Give us a call today at (541) 915-6111                                                                                                                                           Licensed and Insured .. Thank you for your business

       Bark Application Tutorial from Tender Earth Yard Care                                                                                                   Click for Company Reviews >> Eugene Landscape Maintenance Company Reviews and Photos

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Tender Earth Yard Care believes that saving water, time, turf, and shrubs is worth spending a Little extra. Let the Quality and Experience pay for itself !            . Professional Services, 541-915-6111 ~VISA and MASTER CARD accepted..


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We can get your Shrubs back into shape.

Fertilization and a balanced soil is key.

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We will bring out the best of your Landscapes!

Full Service, Custom Care, Quality and Professional.